House of Mercier has expanded its product line to include exceptional leather frames, leather furniture, and leather accessories, all made of fine Peruvian material...

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About Us

House of Mercier counts with a team of experts in the horse saddle manufacturing that inspired our first concepts and designs of our Frames. Each frame is hand tooled by these artists.

Each of our designs are exclusive and unique, inspired on the American and European style with both rustic and modern concept, with little details of our own experts.

All of our designs in frames, furniture, boxes, and more, were developed by hand, in natural leather and material thet we use a yo achieve the good quality of the product.

House Of Mercier

House of Mercier is a Peruvian company that has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of leather and wood furniture and accessories; managed responsibly with the environment, in the international market. It is currently recognized as one of the most representative brands in the framing market in the United States of America and Canada thanks to the high quality and innovative designs of our 100% handmade products.

House of Mercier has expanded is product line to include exceptional leather products. Our leather frames, leather furniture, and leather accessories are all made of fine Peruvian material. Our company, along with its subsidiaries Raul Mercier Fine Arts and Mertrade, is rapidly becoming the prime manufacturer and premier supplier of such exquisite selections. The elegance, beauty, and durability of our hand-made leather collections are uncompromising. The leather wrapped frames are made with Peruvian craftmanship that is vastly becoming appreciated by discerning collectors.

Raul Mercier and Andres Mercier are proud of their new selections, and guarantee the quality of every product they offer. Let House of Mercier supply you with some of the finest original South American art collections to grace your office or home. For the finest art in paintings, leather frames, furniture and accessories, turn to House of Mercier.